System: Zelada
Distance to Sol: 83.29 ly
Distance to Arrival: ?
Situated: ?
Body: ?
Group: Beacon
Beacon Type: Tourist Beacon
Tourist Spot: 0187

In 2867, disappearances of several traders near Zelada prompted a Federal Navy response under the new President Olaf Smith. The task force soon found itself with more to do when further ships disappeared in Ququve and Aymiay in the same year, totalling thirteen ships in three months. In response, the Federation bolstered forces on Laedla rapidly and militarised the system as a base in response to this alien threat.

It has never been determined that these disappearances could be attributed to the Thargoids and little documentation has emerged about the Federal battlegroup's activities in this sector in this period. Nevertheless, Smith made much of his show of strength 'driving away the alien threat' and was popular as a result, further enhancing naval forces and drawing a line under the Gellan incident and the taint it had delivered to the Presidential office.