System: Sol
Distance to Sol: 0.00 ly
Distance to Arrival: 212 ls
Situated: Planetary
Body: Mercury
Gravity: 0.38g
Position on Body: -82.801 -22.563
Group: Beacon
Beacon Type: Tourist Beacon
Tourist Spot: 0181

Between 2621 and 2735, Federal member systems underwent a period of societal change. The original colonial charters of many settlements granted hereditary land and position to families descended from their original settlers. Many of these birthright claims extended across vast areas of land and encompassed massive resources. The old charters became a hindrance especially to corporations who wanted access to these assets and gradually more and more pressure came to bear on the presidential administration to take action against this 'stifling anachronism'.

The Birthright Wars were the name given to a series of conflicts that resulted in the forced acquisition or redistribution of hereditary rights (depending on your viewpoint) from colonial pioneers to corporations who had necessary technology to exploit these regions. It was generally blamed on corporate greed at the time, but notably the Federal Navy stood by.