System: Beta Hydri
Distance to Sol: 24.31 ly
Distance to Arrival: 245 ls
Situated: Planetary
Body: Camp Shepard
Gravity: 0.64g
Position on Body: -78.86 -163.05
Group: Beacon
Beacon Type: Tourist Beacon
Tourist Spot: 0177

In the fall of 2323, the fleet journeyed from its staging area at Beta Hydri towards the Achenar system over a period of several weeks. The systems between Achenar and Beta Hydri were largely unexplored at the time, with only a few embryonic colonies at the beginning of the journey incapable of supplying the Federal fleet other than by scooping fuel. This caused Admiral Morgan considerable logistical difficulties and forced him to move only as fast as the slowest ship, with many turning back.

The fleet eventually arrived in the Achenar system at the start of 2324. Morgan had anticipated resistance and judging his supplies of fuel, he elected to confront the enemy on one decisive battle on the edge of the system. He didn't have a great deal of choice. Smuggled intelligence allow the defending forces to anticipate the arrival position and the defenders were expecting a fight. What they hadn't predicted was their enemy to use their pack hunting formation against them.