System: Gateway
Distance to Sol: 78.62 ly
Distance to Arrival: 299 ls
Situated: Orbital
Body: Hope
Group: Beacon
Beacon Type: Tourist Beacon
Tourist Spot: 0124

Gateway was originally known as Oltiqu, but renamed when the Alliance was founded in 3230. The system had originally been under Federation jurisdiction after being colonised in 2473 to be used as a military staging area for a further invasion of Alioth. Over time, the military bases became more permanent colonies and settlements. The system achievend full federal membership in 2561, but remained relatively unimportant and in the shadow of Alioth for many centuries.

When Alioth finally achieved independence in 3230, Oltiqu might have been a place where the Federation forces could rally and return. However a coordinated peaceful coup by sympathetic federal officials allowed the system to be united under the banner of the Alliance.