System: NLTT 46621
Distance to Sol: 48.54 ly
Distance to Arrival: 3,993 ls
Situated: Planetary
Body: NLTT 46621 AB 1 b
Gravity: 0.14g
Position on Body: ?
Faction: ?
Allegiance: ?
Government: ?
Faction Update: Never
Group: Settlement
Settlement Size: Small +
Settlement Security: Medium
Settlement Type: Outpost
Race: Human
Threat Level: None
Core Data Terminal: No
SRV Jumping: No
Materials: Unusual Encrypted Files (1.04)
Tagged Encryption Codes (0.42)
Classified Scan Databanks (0.49)
Cracked Industrial Firmware (0.51)
Open Symmetric Keys (0.42)
Divergent Scan Data (0.42)
Security Firmware Patch (0.27)
Modified Embedded Firmware (0.40)