Nightly JSON dumps VERSION: v5

Most of the information on EDDB gets saved as downloadable files every night. The schema should be self-explanatory. I'm too lazy to write a documentation. If the data is erroneous or something's missing, drop me a message!

The data is meant to serve as base for other applications. If your application depends on the EDDB data, the best approach would be to mirror the files to your place and feed your userbase from there. I would be glad to hear what's coming out of this!

Hint: To enable compression, add the Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate, sdch entry to your request header.

JSON Line-delimited JSON CSV
Contains all systems without faction information.
2,896,861 kb | 20 hours ago
Recently Changed Systems
Contains systems that changed or have been created within the past 7 days. Without faction information.
27,084 kb | 20 hours ago
Populated Systems
Contains all populated systems, includes faction information.
20,991 kb | 20 hours ago
20,991 kb | 20 hours ago
This file will not be updated right now.
0 kb | 0 secs ago
Recent Bodies
Contains all bodies that received an EDDN update during the past 2 days, even if no properties have changed.
125,364 kb | 19 hours ago
Stations stations.json
116,992 kb | 20 hours ago
116,992 kb | 20 hours ago
Minor Factions factions.json
17,619 kb | 23 hours ago
17,619 kb | 23 hours ago
6,355 kb | 23 hours ago
Prices listings.csv
226,180 kb | 20 hours ago
Commodity Reference commodities.json
101 kb | 23 hours ago
Module Reference modules.json
298 kb | 20 hours ago

Changelog v5.1 (04-02-17):

  • Due to the huge filesize bodies.json has been removed. It reached the 3GB mark, which is pretty memory hungry to create and to parse. Only bodies.jsonl will remain.

Changelog v5.0 (16-10-16):

Due to structural changes, this update changes the API major version from v4 to v5. All download paths have been changed. The old files will not get any updates from now on and be removed after a week.
E.g. to

  • Due to the huge filesize systems.json and systems.jsonl have been removed. Only systems.csv will remain which does not include the new faction presence data.
  • Additionally systems_recently.csv has been added. It has the same structure as systems.csv and contains systems that changed or have been created within the past 7 days. Again, it does not include the new faction presence data.
  • system_populated.minor_faction_presences has been has been added. It contains the factions that are present in the system, including system specific state and influence.
  • system.faction has been replaced with system.controlling_minor_faction and system.controlling_minor_faction_id.
  • system.security_id has been added.
  • system.primary_economy_id has been added.
  • system.reserve_type_id has been added.
  • station.faction has been replaced with stations.controlling_minor_faction_id.
  • station.type_id has been added.
  • station.settlement_size_id has been added.
  • station.settlement_size has been added.
  • station.settlement_security_id has been added.
  • station.settlement_security has been added.
  • station.body_id has been added.
  • factions.json|jsonl|csv have been added.
  • Please note: The order of CSV properties is always defined by the order of the header. The order might change anytime, but the name of the propertes will not.

Changelog v4.5 (11-09-16):

  • You can download the files in up to 3 different formats from now on. Line-delimited JSON has been introduced to make it easy for apps to import the data line by line.
  • elements.csv has been removed. Instead the material data is in the bodies dump now.
  • As I noticed that the listing.update_count was broken (always 0), I completely removed it.
  • system.power will yield null instead of None in case of no value.

Changelog v4.4 (17-07-16):

  • systems_populated.json has been added, which contains only systems that are populated.

Changelog v4.3 (11-07-16):

  • edsm_id and reserve_type have been added to the systems.json dump.

Changelog v4.2 (27-06-16):

  • bodies.json has been added to the nightly dumps. All type of bodies are in one unified format. You will only find data that is allowed for the specific body group.
  • elements.csv has been added to the nightly dumps. One row is one occurence, including a specific count.

Changelog v4.1 (27-12-15):

  • station.market_updated_at has been added: Unixtimestamp of the last price update.
  • station.is_planetary has been added.

Changelog v4 (25-10-15):

  • modules.json has been added. It contains all modules with their ID, which are being referenced by the stations.
  • stations_lite.json has been removed.
  • station.listings has been removed. Due to the filesize the listings are in a seperate CSV file now: listings.csv.
  • station.selling_modules has been added. Use modules.json as reference.
  • station.selling_ships has been added.
  • station.has_commodities has been removed. Instead, station.has_market have been added. It generally reflects the market existence.
  • system.power_control_faction has been removed. Instead, system.power and system.power_state have been added.

Changelog v3 (15-03-15):

  • station.max_landing_pad_size now contains the name (L, M) instead of reference numbers (30, 20).
  • station.updated_at and system.updated_at has been added
  • listing.update_count has been added.
  • system.needs_permit has been added.
  • station.faction and system.faction will not contain "-" on empty value anymore.

Although I talked about a JSON API initially, I'm not ready to publish one yet. Please don't wait for it. If and when it comes is not decided yet.